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Senior Software Engineer

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Chandler, AZ
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Master of Science
Nov 16, 2018
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Our client's CAD Library development group is looking for an energetic, outgoing and self-driven professional to join our team. The candidate will develop software by working closely with memory circuit designers and professional software engineers in a fast paced project oriented agile environment. Development will include writing scripts, optimizing EDA/CAD modeling development processes, providing expertise on software configuration management, and driving continuous process improvements through automation.


Candidate  must have ability to prioritize well, communicate clearly,  deliver solutions on-time, and possess excellent software engineering skills. Will be expected to work across multiple facets of projects, have a proven track record of project management experience, and juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time.


Candidate must be able to create innovative solutions and be able to lead collaboration across development teams and leadership teams.  This includes working with other organizations to build consensus and facilitate collaboration with development teams across the US and India.



Candidate will design, implement, and deploy solutions based on Perl or Python, Apache/httpd, MySQL, Apache/tomcat, HTML and various Open Source Software tools. Knowledge of Linux and script development on Linux is required.  Experience with Microsoft-based technologies a bonus.


Will work to improve legacy memory compiler software systems which use developed-in-house applications as well as 3rd party EDA/CAD tools.  Candidate will also work on the infrastructure needed for these systems to achieve peak efficiency utilizing distributed Linux compute systems, file servers, network transfers, and databases.


Candidate will work directly with development groups to establish Software Configuration Management (SCM) using SVN, Git and Synchronicity to support branching and releasing procedures. Inclusive in this SCM role will be leadership in work flows, software assembly procedures, quality gateways, and end user support.


Engaging in collaborative software development on team as well as single person projects, and continuously improving systems to automate the delivery of EDA/CAD models for digital circuit design.


Engaging in collaborative software development on LAMP systems (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/Python) for web interface development using javascript, MySQL, HTML, and other web development technologies.


Working directly with chip teams to answer ASIC design implementation questions, investigate issues, and escalate problems.


Drive requirements, development, maintenance, improvements and support for systems that enable robust automation both within the Central Engineering team as well as across the engineering business units related to release, analytics, and support of engineering libraries.



The minimum engineering experience required is typically a BS degree in EE/CS/CE with programming/coding experience with 12+ years of industry experience, or an MS degree or Ph.D. degree in EE/CS with 10+/7+ years of industry experience.

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong multi-tasking skills
  • Optimistic yet pragmatic attitude
  • Demonstrable skills for quick ramp-up
  • Extremely detailed oriented, organized and methodical
  • Ability to stay calm under extreme pressure
  • Team player
  • Able to work with minimum supervision and handle ambiguity

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